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3 signs of subtle sexism at work

Healthista editor and CEO Anna Magee reflects on the everyday occurrences that as a whole represent a subtle sexism still present in the workplace I was recently in a meeting of all-male colleagues. We were discussing my company’s future; a company owned predominantly by me, making me technically the boss in the room. Someone made… Read More »

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These 7 Kettlebell Routines Will Work Your Whole Body

Getty ImagesJose Luis Pelaez Inc Barbells and dumbbells might be the two most commonly used implements in the gym, but they’re far from the only weights you should be using if you want to make the most of your workouts. The kettlebell brings its own unique load to your strength and conditioning practice—with its handle… Read More »

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Winning at work: How to create the perfect desk space

Prefer to sit or stand at your desk? Like it cluttered or uncluttered? There are no right answers – the key is variety, and a space where you feel you belong Tom Werner/Getty By Julia Brown and Richard Webb How to sit Once upon a time, filing meant filing: you got up, went to a… Read More »

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