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5 Healthy Mother’s Day Party Snacks

By Dr. Priya Khorana Surprise your mother with these healthy snacks on 12th May celebrated as Mother’s day. Join her with the family and loved ones. Four Ingredient Hummus Dip A scrumptious, satisfying and healthy hummus should be a party staple. This recipe is super simple – garbanzo beans (Chickpeas), extra virgin olive oil, garlic,… Read More »

Viewpoints: Healthy Ideas On Trimming Medicare Costs Need Democrats’ Support; As Sandy Hook Tragedy Continues, Prayers Aren’t Solving The Problem

Editorial writers focus on these health topics and others. The New York Times: Not All Medicare Cuts Are Bad Senate Democrats, including several of the party’s presidential candidates, have savaged President Trump for proposing to reduce Medicare spending by several hundred billion dollars over the next decade. Senator Kamala Harris of California said the proposed… Read More »