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House Democrats, now in power, will steer health policy, attack drug prices

This is a Kaiser Health news story. For the first time since passing the Affordable Care Act, Democrats will soon control the House of Representatives and its powerful health committees. But Republicans’ tightened grip on the Senate means those hoping for another round of dramatic, progressive reforms may be disappointed. Empowered by voters outraged over… Read More »

'Trump is making me fat': Barbara Streisand among Democrats who 'eat their feelings' about midterms

‘Trump is making me fat’: Democrats like Barbra Streisand are more likely to ‘eat their feelings,’ drink their sorrows and blow off steam at the gym to cope with midterm election stress With the midterm elections just days away, many Americans are feeling the political stress  A poll from YouGov asked 2,500 Americans how they… Read More »

Trump warns Democrats would 'violently' overturn policy

Donald Trump has reportedly warned that his policies will be “quickly and violently” overturned if the Democrats take control of Congress after the midterm elections in November. According to an audio recording obtained by The New York Times, the US president told evangelical leaders during a closed-door meeting that everything was at stake for his… Read More »