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#IROCKTHESPORTSBRA – How I Overcame My Body Image Issues, Got Fit, & Became A Powerhouse

Want to know what it feels like to just workout in a sports bra without intimidation, fear, or judgments? FREEDOM! Photo Credits: Daphne Youree #irockthesportsbra was a mere thought – an instant universal download. I desperately wanted to overcome my body insecurities born out of needing to BE PERFECT during my 13-year (& counting) fitness… Read More »

My Body Was Destroying Itself—and It Took Doctors 5 Years to Figure Out Why

Jen BabakhanNov 29 Imagine Florida being too cool: That’s the case for this woman with a rare condition called cold agglutinin disorder. When the temperature dips below 75 degrees, her body turns on itself. Courtesy Bioverativ Sometimes you wake up more tired than usual. Sometimes the weight seems to pile on for no reason. But… Read More »

Get Chris Hemsworth’s body at any age

If you’ve ever found yourself admiring Chris Hemsworth’s chiselled biceps as he plays the hammer-wielding god of thunder in Marvel’s Thor franchise, you can thank his personal trainer Luke Zocchi for the gun show. An amateur boxer-turned-PT-to-the-stars, Luke — who’s been friends with Chris since childhood — has kept the Aussie actor in shape for… Read More »