Beyoncé and Blue Are Dripping in Diamonds for the New Lion King Premiere (View Pics)

By | July 10, 2019
Beyoncé and Blue Are Dripping in Diamonds for the New Lion King Premiere (View Pics)

Beyonce and Blue Ivy at the new Lion King Premiere. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Make way for the queen. When Beyoncé walks in, you know she makes sure all eyes are on her. Beyoncé walked into the Lion King premiere with her daughter, dripping in diamonds. Both their blazers had diamonds encrusted in them and the skirts were black and sheer. Not only that, even her sandals had diamonds on them! And if you’re wondering, Blue Ivy Carter is seven and she’s covered designer wear studded with diamonds. The Lion King New Promo: Watch it to Hear Beyoncé’s Mesmerizing Voice as Nala Who Encourages Simmba to Return to his Kingdom (Video Inside).

Do you know why everyone calls Beyoncé a queen? She just answered that at the Lion King premiere. Beyoncé was wearing an Alexander McQueen apparel that was covered in diamonds. She attended the premiere with her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter and the two had syncronised outfits. Both had worn gowns with sheer, black skirts. Beyoncé’s blazer was covered in diamonds and Blue Ivy diamonds all over her shoulder pads, dripping down to her decolletage. Their hair was in a natural state and the fans were digging it! Both wore their hair in braids and Blue Ivy also had two, cute space bun. And take a wild guess what accessorised her space buns? Diamonds! Shocking! Camilla Cabello Goes Blonde After Ditching Signature Brown Hair Colour (See Pics).

Beyoncé for the Lion King Premiere With Daughter Blue

Beyoncé wore quite a lot of jewellery and carried a clutch with her. She carried a diamond-studded clutch with her and wore a few gigantic earrings. Her blazer had a deep neck that let her necklace flow down her cleavage and we are living for this look! Her makeup was signature Beyoncé style. Warm neutral eyeshadow and glossy lips. Her outfit was muy flashy but her makeup was simple yet beautiful, adding balance to the entire look. Beyoncé has voiced the queen, Nala, for the upcoming Lion King.

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